Different Grades of Felt

The felt covering on a pool table is a critical element that significantly impacts the game’s performance and visual appeal.

For casual or moderately competitive play, the most cost-effective option is 303 grade felt.

505 grade felt is recommended for highly competitive players who desire enhanced performance.

Tournament-grade felt provides superior performance and durability, making it the ideal choice for professional players and those seeking optimal gameplay.

We offer our own custom felt, which is more affordable than online alternatives. This enables you to personalize your pool table with your logo or the branding of your favorite sports team, adding a unique and personal touch. Our custom felt comes with a one-year warranty.


Re-felting Process

In Minnesota, our movers prioritize the felting process and exercise extra caution. The old felt is carefully removed using pliers to ensure a clean and thorough job.

While we could complete the job quickly, our focus is on delivering quality rather than speed.

When replacing the felt on the slate, we utilize spray adhesive for a secure bond. This method is cleaner and reduces the potential for mess compared to traditional stapling.

To achieve a professional finish, we cover the pockets with felt strips, fully enveloping the slate.

rail felt is included.

If you’re unsure about which grade or color of felt to choose for your pool table, we are available to assist you. Feel free to contact us at (612) 254-7859, and we’ll provide the guidance you need.

How To Quote Re-felts

Felt Grade:
– Select from a range of options including 303 grade, 505 grade, or Simonis grade for your pool table felt.

Felt Color:
– Enjoy affordable color choices such as Red, Blue, and Green for your pool table felt.

Size of Pool Table:
– Please note that the cost of the felt may vary based on the size of your pool table.

Pool Table Location:
– We offer the lowest rates for locations within a 30-minute radius of St Paul.

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