Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Pool Table Need a Re-felt?

Opting to re-felt a pool table during a move is a smart decision as it allows for addressing any potential issues with the existing felt. This ensures a fresh and pristine playing surface, creating optimal conditions for the table.

How Does a Pool Table get Assembled?

To ensure a successful pool table assembly, it is important to conduct proper research and gain a thorough understanding of the process. You can find all the guidance you need right here to ensure a smooth and seamless assembly experience.

What areas do you Serve?

Our specialty lies in servicing the St Paul metropolitan area, with occasional trips to neighboring cities such as Minneapolis and St Cloud.

Do You Move Other Things?

We can assist with moving cues and balls. However, for larger items, we request that you provide us with specific details so we can determine if we are able to accommodate your specific needs. 

How Much Time Does it Take to Assemble a Pool Table?

Typically, the assembly of a pool table takes approximately 3-4 hours. A substantial portion of this time is dedicated to the crucial task of leveling the slates. Ensuring precise leveling is essential to provide an optimal playing surface for the table.

How Booked are you?

We generally have availability within 4-5 days, prioritizing weekday appointments. However, we can also arrange weekend moves based on your specific requirements.

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