Bumper Repair

When it comes to repairing the bumpers on your pool table, it is important to provide us with specific details about the type of bumper installed. This information enables us to select the appropriate parts for the job. Here are the common bumper types used:

1. K66: This is the standard rail used on most pool tables.
2. K56: Typically found on coin-operated pool tables.
3. U23: Although less common, it is the third most popular type of bumper used, albeit rarely.


Slate repair:
To accurately determine the correct size replacement slate, please provide us with the measurements of the slate and a picture of the slate itself.

Pocket repair:
In order to select the appropriate replacement pockets and determine the best installation approach, it is important for us to know the pocket type and how it attaches to the table.

For any other pool table repairs you may require, please reach out to us via phone or email. Providing the make, model, and specific details of the requested repair or restoration service would be highly beneficial in assisting you efficiently.

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